Thursday, June 4, 2009

Way to Gazni

Sherpur is a border District and Gazni is the border area. The opposite side of the border is the Meghalay of INDIA. After you reach Sherpur you'll have to start for gazni which is further north from sherpur. Its a 40/50 mins drive. You'll have to stop at Jhinaigati to pay the entry fee which is taka 150. You'll start seeing the enchanting view of the hills and green forest from jhinaigati. 3 km earlier to Gazni spot there is a BDR check point where youve to do the registry process which will not take more than 5 minutes. BDR will warn you not to stay at gazni after 5 pm and also not to go any further than the gazni spot. Because there were several BSF activities which cause death to some Bangladeshi ppl. After the registry process you'll start again to the GAZNI picnic spot. You'll enjoy the fountains (Jhorna) on your way. You'll see nothing except Shalbon on both the side of the road for some distance. After 5/6 minutes you'll be there in the Gazni picnic Spot.

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