Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dhaka City Beautification

City Beautification

For Beautifying the city DCC has developed many water fountain sculptures and garden in different important sites of the city. Every year, DCC allocates more then one crore Taka for the city beautification programme. The Nagar Bhabon and other important places are decorated and lighted on different special and national days of the country.

Dhanmondi Lake Development

Dhanmondi Lake is a prestigious project corporation. Dhanmondi Lake development project was undertaken to provide a place of recreation for the urban community of Dhaka City. This was a part of a long demand of the urban dwellers for their physical as well as mental nourishment. This park stretches with an area of 85.60 acres out of which almost 31 acres of land area and the rest is 54.6 acres water body. This park has also a vision to restore the environmental quality enhancement of public facilities. For operation and maintenance purposes. The whole area is proposed to be eight different sectors and which consists different facilities.


Parks and playground in the city are notoriously few and far between. Needless to says that open public places for relaxation. Recreation and sports play a vital role in any scheme for a rational town planning and are deemed highly desirable from the point of view of the citizens physical well being. The need for having open places assumes greater important in the context of the fact that an immense bulk of the city's populace dwell in sultry hovels where sun and air rarely access. DCC has 42 developed parks; those are situated in different parts of the city. The important parks are as follows:

Name of DCC Parks
1. Banani Children Park, Block- D
2. Banani Children Park, Block- C
3. Banani Children Park, Block- G
4. Banani Children Park, Block- F
5. Banani Lake Park
6. Kamal Ataturk Park
7. Baridhra Park
8. Baridhara Nursery Park
9. Gulshan Tank Park
10. Gulshan Central Park
11. Gulshan Taltola Park
12. Gulshan Chowrasta Park
13. Bahadurshah Park
14. Saydabad Children Park
15. Samibag Children Park
16. Gulistan Children Park
17. Sirajudullah Park
18. Jagonnath Shah Road Park
19. Hazaribagh Park
20. Nowabgonj Park
21. Shamoli Park
22. Shahid Sakil Park
23. Shiya Masjid Park
24. Mohammadpur Iqbal Road Park
25. Shamoli Children Park
26. Kawran Bazar Park
27. Farm Gate Triangle Park
28. Panthokunja Park
29. Kalabagan Lake Circus Park
30. Majed Sarder Park
31. Malitola Park
32. Bongshal Triangle Park
33. Pallobi Vhildren Park
34. Udbid Uddan
35. Narinda Children Park
36. Bosiruddin Darder Park
37. Khilgaon Children Park
38. Outfall Staff Quarter Children Park
39. No l Circular Park
40. Motijheel Park
41. Gulshan Wonder Land Children Park
42. Usmani Uddan

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