Wednesday, June 10, 2009

‘Beautiful Bangladesh’ to be projected to promote tourism

The Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism, G M Quader, said the government had taken a programme to develop tourism in Bangladesh by projecting the country's culture and heritage before the world.

The heritage and culture of the country, he told the news agency, would be projected under the theme "Beautiful Bangladesh."

Bangladesh's growing earning from tourism, according to official statistics, has doubled in a decade.

The minister said that all the steps necessary would be taken to further develop the national tourism industry. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC) sources said the earning from tourism rose to Taka 612.45 crore in 2,008 from Taka 245.19 crore in 1999.

The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation sources said that 4,67,332 foreign tourists visited Bangladesh in 2008, up from 2,89,110 in 2007. The Tourism Minister said that the government was formulating a tourism policy to suit the needs of the time and to develop the industry.
He said that a draft tourism act had been finalised.

The Tourism Ministry sources said the government had taken a project to develop tourism at an estimated cost of Taka 2,000 crore, of which the private sector would invest Taka 600 crore and the government Taka 1,400 crore.

G M Quader said in several countries tourism constituted the base of their national economy.
He said a national tourism body would be constituted to develop the tourism potentials of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh can market Cox's Bazaar and the Sunderbans, among seven natural wonders, said experts, to attract more tourists.

The ASEAN countries earn a lot from tourism, they said. In 2005, Thailand earned US 12.62 billion dollars from tourism, Malaysia earned 10.38 billion dollars, Singapore - 5.70 billion dollars, India - four billion dollars, Pakistan 830 million dollars and Nepal 160 million dollars.

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