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The fact is that Natore, a well known district of Bangladesh is not famous for any real character. It is most famous for the imaginary character Bonolota Sen. This character is created by Jibananda Das, who is called the poet of nature and poet of silence. When the common people hear the name of Natore they utter Kanchagolla of Natore. Kanchagolla is a kind of sweatmeat.

Then came the Cholon Bil and two famous estates and palaces.

A stranger in Natore is very eager to visit the following places:
RANI BHOBANIR RAJBARI: That means the palace of queen Bhobani. Rani Bhobani was a great social worker. She was the pioneer to spread education for the women of Bengal. It is a historical palace. Its design is charming. It is situated at the Bongojol area in the Natore district town. Everyday, huge visitors gather here to visit the palace. There is a college, a school, and other institutions in the name of Rani Bhobani.
DIGHAPATIYA RAJBARI: It is the most popular sight to the visitors. The kings of Natore lived here. It is call UTTARA GONOBHABAN now. It is one of the official residences of the president of Bangladesh. Everyone wants to see its design and area. It is situated on a large area. It has a large fancy gate, a large garden, and hundreds of rooms. There are a pond and a sculpture here. It is 5km from Natore district town, and the rickshaw fare is 8/10 taka from the Natore bus terminal.
CHOLON BIL: Cholon Bil is a large natural wetland and known to every Bangladeshi. During the monsoon, the area of the Bil increases and touches four upazilas (sub-districts) of the Natore district. The picnic parties come to Cholon Bil every season. They cook, sing, dance, and do everything they wish in their boats.

It looks like a sea, especially during the monsoon. In the monsoon season, the Bil behaves like a naughty boy. During that time, waves hurt the land frequently. Visiting Cholon Bil during monsoon season is not only a mere travel, but also an adventure.

Quick Tips/Suggestions:
Don’t come back from Natore without tasting the Kanchagolla.

Before visiting the Dighapathiya Rajbari, one will have to have the permission of the D.C. (Deputy Commissioner) of Natore. As it is the official residence of the president, the permission is for security purpose. Cameras are not allowed inside the palace.

If you can’t swim, beware of the boat journey in the Cholon Bil .

Best Way to Get Around:
As Natore is the gateway of northern Bangladesh, it is easy to access here from Dhaka. It is connected with Dhaka by road and rail. The longest highway bridge of Bangladesh, Jamuna Bridge, is on the way from Dhaka.

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