Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Lake and the tannel

Beside the picnic spot, there is a very beautiful lake. The lake is not a natural one. It is created in the picnic season by trapping fountain stream water with a damm. You can hire a pedal boat and enjoy the natural beauty riding on a boat. In the center of the lake there is a hut. You can stop there and stay there for a moment.

There is a 150 metres long tunnel which goes down the hill. The entrance is designed with a Dragon face, which seems as you are entering in the dragon stomach. at the entry there is a monument of a sea-princess.

Beside these places you can go to the rubber garden on the hills and also visit some of the garo houses. Believe me Garos are very friendly. As i mentioned earlier, you must start back by 5 pm. you have to stop again at BDR check post. They will check if everybody of you are getting back.

My Home District is Sherpur, that's why i've been there several times. I am sure, whoever will go there will enjoy, although it is situated 220 km away from Dhaka.

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