Friday, June 5, 2009


Palashpur was one of the most fearful and deep jungle areas in the district. Nobody had the courage to enter the area due to the prevalence of tribal terrorism activities (in Bengali these terrorists are called Shantibahinee). Nobody couldn´t think of going there let alone living there. Mr. Haider Ali Talukder was first man who visited this area and created a modern village and named it Palashpur.

Mr. Haider Ali Talukdar was born December 28, 1957 in Gopalganj District, Bangladesh. He was a famous business man in Dhaka during late seventies. When he went Khagrachhary he was the Chairman of "tribal and non-tribal rehabilitation project". Then he worked there for homeless people of Bangladesh. He rehabilitated a lot of tribal and non-tribal people in hilly district from different corners of the country.

Palashpur was a deep jungle area. He cut about 3 square kilometre area of jungle for establishing a small village. He wanted to rehabilitate some people here. Finally he was able to clear this area with the help of local people. He named this newly formed village as "Palashpur" according to name of his 2nd son Mohammad Kamruzzaman Palash. He rehabilitated more than 300 people in Palashpur from various districts of Bangladesh. He established a school namely "Palashpur Primary School", a mosque "Palashpur Jame Masjid" and "Palashpur Madrasha". He also constructed a road from Palashpur to Hatiapara and named it "Mitaly Road". Another road from Palashpur to Alutila Bazar was also constructed by him which local people now call it "Haider Road". Recently Palashpur has declared as municipal area under Matiranga Pourashava though many modern civic facilities are still to be reached to the many people of the area. A highway from Matiranga to Taindong is passing through Palashpur. Palashpur BDR zone (Bangladesh Rifles Zone) is located at Kheda Chhara.

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