Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Atrai River

Atrai (also spelt as Atreyee) river flows in West Bengal and northern parts of Bangladesh.

It has an ancient name 'Atrei', found in Mahabharata.

The river originates in West Bengal. Then it flows west of Jamuna River. It flows into the Dinajpur District. Here it changes its name from Karatoya to Atrai.

Starting as a tributary of the river Teesta, it flows to join the Ganges river in Bangladesh. On its way, it flows through various towns like Gangarampur, Balurghat among others. The river serves as a perennial source of fishing, even though it is often the cause of flooding in many areas during monsoons. Of late, the river has gradually been losing its depth.

Total length of this river is approximately 240 miles (390 km). Maximum depth of river is 99 feet (30 m).

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