Tuesday, June 2, 2009


  • Hotel Star-Opposite of Abahani Club. Famous for its beef and mutton Kabab.
  • Xindian-Dhanmondi 27 and Shankar crossing. One of the more luxurious restaurant in Dhaka which has been established lately.
  • Jeni Kabab An old and famous restaurant for Kababs.
  • Red Onion Located opposite the Medinova Medical Center.
  • Mama HalimNew Circular Road 2nd Floor,(Opposite of Aarong)Moghbazaar, Tel.+88 06662625097. Sells: biryani, kabas cakes, ice cream, biscuits, fruit and, randomly, gifts.
  • Coopers- Kalabagan. Very famous for cakes and fast food.
  • Western Grill-Science Lab. Pricey and hygienic fast foods are available here.
  • Xing ling-Jigatola. A medium quality old Chinese restaurant which serves both Chinese and Thai food.

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