Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dublar Char

Dublar Char, a very beautiful island, is located at the southern boarder of the Sundarban, facing the Bay of Bengal. This is located at the South-west of Katka and South-east of Nilkamal. Water vessel like launch, cabin cruiser, speedboat, etc. can be used to reach the island from Mongla/Khulna.

The island is well known for fish catch and fish processing (dry fish) in the country. This island is famous for Rash Mela and holy bath, a Hindu festival that carries rituals since 200 years back. Hindus believe that the Rash event is the ‘get-together’ of Radha and Lord Krishna. In order to celebrate this assemblage, thousands of people visit this area from different part of the country. A three-day long yearly ritual is a highly exciting event for the tourists of both home and abroad.

Visitors (Present) 50,000 / year

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