Thursday, July 2, 2009


the musical instruments one will see or hear in Bangladesh include the bamboo flute, the tabla (a set of two percussion drums) and a wide variety of stringed instruments from the crude banjo like village 'ek-tara' (one stringed), 'do-tara' (two stringed) and to the highly refined multi stringed 'Sitar' and 'Sarode' used for classical music. Violins are also used and electric as well as ordinary guitars are played. The 'Tanpura' is used for the drone accompaniment in classical music. Harmonium is popular as an accompaniment in vocal performances.

Living in the land of torrential rains, mighty rivers and lush green beauty, the average Bangladeshi has a deep relationship with nature. The music of Bangladesh is therefore emotional, ecstatic and romantic. Among the genres sung or performed quite regularly are :

Classical songs and music
Semi-classical songs and music
Palli Geeti or folk songs
Rabindra Sangeet (songs by Rabindranath Tagore, the 1913 Nobel Prize winner in Literature)
Nazrul Geeti (songs by the Rebel poet of Bangaladesh).
Religious songs
Adhunik Gaaan or modern Bangla songs
Gano Sangeet or inspirational songs for the masses
Pop Songs
Bhatiali or boatmen's songs
Bhawaia or bullock cart drivers song
Band music or rock music

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